Phibsborough - 2017

A walk around my favourite place in Dublin, Phibsborough.

Shot on Canon 7d
Track: Levitation by Beach House


Linsfort - 2014

Even at the height of summer, the water at Linsfort beach is never warm. 
But the fear of the cold is overcome by the all-encompassing calm of being in the water

Shot on Canon 7D and Go pro Hero 3
Edited in Final Cut Pro X


Dunree - 2013

Dunree is a short poetic documentary, about a small abandoned house near the sea, in Co. Donegal, Ireland. 

The film examines the strange combination of decay and preservation of the objects inside. They give clues about the lives of the people who once lived there. The house is a time capsule of memories, slowly rotting as the world continues around it.

Shot on Canon 7D, with Canon 50mm f/1.4 and 17-55mm f/2.8
Edited in Final Cut Pro 7